Actionair, with 30 years of market experience, is acknowledged as UK market leader in the manufacture of top quality fire, smoke and air control dampers. Duct Products are their local agent and have helped establish them as market leader within Northern Ireland.

Duct Products also has direct access to Actionair’s “specialist controls” partner company, Safegard, who have developed the Actionpac LNS controls system for the Smoke Shield PTC smoke damper.  The Actionpac Intelligent Damper Control and Monitoring system offers total flexibility in all aspects of design, installation, commissioning, control strategy and end user stages, with additions and modification being easily accommodated. The Actionair Actionpac EM, EMS and EMB Electro Machanical controls system also offers the traditional type of Smoke damper controls system. As well as the various damper types, they also manufacturer Hydropac (waterside control) and Aeropac (airside control) Fan Coil Units and Naco Storm louvres.

Duct Products also manufacturer its very own, Thanet Volume Control Dampers.

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